Step by Step to Success

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Step by Step to Success

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:08 am

first of all i want to help everyone in the forum to earn money so in the last of the month you must have good ammount of money in your paypal

1) register here an account :-

2) come to this forum and make for your self a topic and post your adfly link in 1 topic and every member will click your adfly links and the i am the first one but you too need to click the other members adfly links to let them help you so we will make this forum to let us make 100$+ per month and we can do it help to get the help i am sure we will success invite all your members to this forum and let them read this topic and help us

3) you need to register under me from the link i gave you and post your username in your signature if you dont register under me you cant share your link here and you will be banned from the forum

4) and the best Thing in this forum that if i success in my forum i will give every month money ammount to 1 member by making game and the winner will get the money hope you help us and invite all your friends

thnx all and do everything in this topic and you will reach your goal so fast and i will help the all and click all your links all all so plz all click all my links Thnx [i][u]


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